Cell data overview

All information is collected in a single view about what the charger(s) are doing. This view is designed to contain be able to see in detail 100's of parameter, where problematic values are highlighted through color coding. Columns visible in the 'Cell Data Overeview' can be added and removed to tailor the view to your preferences. Settings are stored and position of windows return after the restart of the application.

Cell data overview - customization

Right click on the column headers allows full customization of the view.

Virtual charger

Visualize what is happening on the charger using the Virtual Charger view. Sending commands to the charger from the virtual charger includes the abillity to reset the charger from remote.

Enterprise view

For commercial applications there is the 'Enterprise view' which only shows the key parameters to allow the chargers to run fully autonomous. Using the 'Enterprise view' allows the monitoring and operation of more then 80 MegaCellChargers.

The new way of charging starts here...

Check out the grid view in the app which provides a near realtime view on all your cell chargers. Select the voltage column of a cell to see its charge curve and compare this with the vendor specifications. Features like you have never encountered in any other product

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