Database upgrade error

When the application is started after a long time and there were a few releases in between, could lead to an issue upgrading the database. Upgrade path with multiple upgrades sequentially failed and is now resoved.

LiFePo4 - min voltage 1.9v

For those testing LiFePo4 cells, the minimum voltage is now changed to 1.9v. Use with caution as the moment you forget this settings can result in destroying LiPo cells.

Volt drop test - QR code scanning

Due to improvements in the scanning functions also introduced a bug. When scanning the cells during the volt drop test leveraging the McM the dialog would close and the cell serial not added to the test. This is now resolved.

Support for Energy Cells Charger

Charger views, settings and communication are now based on a single interface definition. This allows for easy adding of new charger to be supported by the McM. Example is the ZkeTech chargers and Energy Cells Charger. In case there are chargers with an USB/WiFi/Ethernet interface that you want to have added to the MegaCellMonitor, then raise a feature request.