Why should you use the MegaCellMonitor software?

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6 Months Of Warranty (see our policies)
This version of the MegaCellCharger is now in production and can be ordered. Objective is to get enough to have the injectionmodling template created to wrap the charger is a beautiful jacket. 

The MegaCellCharger can be pre-ordered  here and will be shipped globally. Benefits of the MegaCellCharger:
  • Optimized for fast cell processing. The Measure Capacity Mode will run charge / discharge cycle and display all the needed information for your cells, like Voltage, Temperature, Capacity and ESR.
  • Software easy to update. The Cell Doctor has been designed to allow firmware and software updates.
  • 16 Amps Charge and between 1 and 0.1 amps variable discharge range. The charger uses the popular TC4056A battery management chip for charging and PWM controlled discharge.
  • The new way of charging starts here...

    Check out the grid view in the app which provides a near realtime view on all your cell chargers. Select the voltage column of a cell to see its charge curve and compare this with the vendor specifications. Features like you have never encountered in any other product.

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    • Single view

      Multiple cell chargers shall be listed in a single view with near realtime data updates. Grid cells flash for elements being updated and the actual status of the cells are shown in the various colums.

    • Database

      All data is stored in a database including but not limited to the settings, charger cycle details, cell serial numbers (generated using the workflow engine) and much more. Open database design allows you to connect to the database and read these values to be integrated with your own software or tools.

    • Repurpose batteries

      With all the features at your disposal you are now able to test your cells much faster, keep a detailed record of each cell and by salvaging each battery you save the planet one step at a time.

    • Visualization

      MegaCellMonitor is not only showing the capacity, cell resistance and temperature like other chargers do, it gives you full visibility of the charge process through a powerfull graphs and graphics.

    • Cell charge graphs

      Graphs are the most powerfull way to assess the batteries health. Vendor provided charge curves can be compared with the actual cell charge curve to asses the degradation of the cell. Abnormal curves also can indicate a potential failure of that cell.

    • Reliability

      Using the visual elements in the MegaCellMonitor allows to build reliable packs that last a long time with a lowered risk of early failures. No other charger and software has these features which are now at your finger tips.

    • Pack building

      After testing enough cells you can now easily select which cells are should be combined to create the most optimal pack.

    • Cell packer

      With the integrated cell packer you select how many cells you want in parallel and in series. The MegaCellMonitor will go through the database and select the most optimal combination per cell pack. All these values can then easily be exported to Excel or any other tool for further processing. When using existing tools, like repackr, then you can export the available cells and paste them straight into repackr.

    • High performance

      Building cell packs that are tuned ensure a consistent charge and discharge cycle of the cell pack. Equal capacity ensures that packs are more balanced and very little energy is wasted during balancing cycles. This saves energy which you can use for powering your equipment longer.

    Impressions of MegaCellMonitor

    Main page

    Shows the near realtime information of each charger and cell


    Tweaking the settings per charger or per cell.

    Charge curve

    Visualize what the charge curve is per cell.

    Cell packer

    Specify the amount of cells parallel and in series.

    Workflow engine

    Decide how you want to perform the battery tests. Fully customizable workflows for charging, discharging, hold timers, print labels and more...

    Regular updates

    New features are developed based on user requests and published Over The Air (OTA) with a 1 click installer.

    Advanced labels

    Automated label printing supporting a wide variety of label printers and label formats. Industrial printers allow for fast and reliable coding of cells.